Special Limited Time Offer
KHDA Approved Fees2017-2018 Academic Year Discount2017-2018 Academic Year Discounted Fees2018-2019 Academic Year Discount2018-2019 Academic Year Discounted Fees
FS 1AED 29,90025%AED 22,42520%AED 23,920
FS 2AED 35,90025%AED 26,92520%AED 28,720
Years 1-2AED 40,90025%AED 30,67520%AED 32,720
Years 3-4AED 45,90030%AED 32,13025%AED 34,425
Year 5AED 50,90030%AED 35,63025%AED 38,175
Year 6AED 53,90030%AED 37,73025%AED 40,425

Please note this is a limited time offer subject to space availability.

Assessment, Registration and Administration Fees
Registration Fee for New Students1200 AED
Administration Fee1000 AED
Admissions Assessment500 AED

An admissions assessment fee is levied before admission screening takes place, Once a seat is offered, non-refundable registration and administration fees are required to complete the admissions process and reserve the seat.

Educational Resource Fees
EYFS 1-2KS 1 (Years 1-2)KS 2 (Years 3-6)
500 AED1,000 AED1,200 AED
After School Activities (Optional)
Day Care for FS1 & FS24000 AED per year
After School Intensive EAL Support – Foundation Stage FS1 & FS21500 AED Termly Fees
After School Intensive Literacy Support – Primary School Primary1500 AED Termly Fees

Uniform: 300- 600 AED

Bus Transportation Fees (2 ways): 6000-8000 AED per year

Individual Learning Support Assistant  provided by the school: 5000 AED per month