Jaime Roth

Vice Principal

I am delighted to be a member of the Smart Vision School family and leading a team of committed and skilled professionals. My philosophy of education resonates with the creation of an environment which clearly places pupils at the core. What is best for the pupil? It is this question that shapes one’s vision and informs one’s actions. I am committed to academic excellence as the driving force of a school and believe that we should have the highest expectations for each pupil. I am committed to inclusive education; we must, therefore, provide a programme of study and classroom teaching which meets the needs of all enrolled. I believe that Education is a partnership between pupils, staff and parents. Effective communication, openness and accountability are key elements of a successful school and I am proud to say, key elements of Smart Vision School.


Sara Al-Aswad

Head of EYFS

I am delighted and proud to be the Head of Early Years at such a fun, inclusive and vibrant school. I believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. Every child is unique and is born with the ability to develop if they are given the chance during childhood. I passionately believe children learn best through play, Play is the means through which children find stimulation, well-being, and happiness. It is the utmost importance for us to offer children a safe, enabling and fun environment for them to learn as well as build relationships. Their growth physically, intellectually and emotionally and their general wellbeing is at the heart of the school’s focus. Our learning environment is well suited to meeting children’s needs for all types of play, building upon first-hand experiences as much as possible. I look forward to working in partnership with our staff and parents to offer the children the best learning experience possible throughout the Early Years.


Ginette Moore

Inclusion Manager

As Inclusion Manager, I look forward to taking part in the learning journey of children with additional educational and learning needs in our school. I believe in supporting children during all stages of their development and learning by providing a solid educational and emotional foundation for them as learners and young people. My philosophy rests on three pillars: 1 Creating a feeling of safety, which is crucial to learning and development as children can only develop when their physical needs are met and they feel emotionally safe, secure and accepted for who they are. Mistakes are then not feared, but seen as an opportunity to grow and learn. 2 Generating a stimulating environment to enhance learning by building upon children’s natural curiosity and desire to discover, learn and interact with others. In interactions with the physical and social environment, children learn to recognize their own unique qualities, talents and styles of learning. 3 Positive attention and encouragement to stimulate children in acquiring new skills, solving challenges and becoming independent learners. I believe every child is not only capable of learning, but capable of succeeding; I look forward to working in partnership with pupils, staff and parents in supporting each child on their learning journey.