Jaime Roth

Smart Vision School provides an inspiring and nurturing values-driven British education. We are a smaller school with a strong sense of community that works closely with our families. This personal approach helps us understand, develop and nurture your child.

Our Foundation and Primary School sections follow the National Curriculum for England, enhanced by a commitment to Arabic language acquisition, and the development of an understanding about and appreciation for the history, culture and traditions of the UAE.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excel both in and out of the classroom. Happiness, independence, confidence and fun are key pillars of learning at Smart Vision School. One only has to spend a short time within our school to understand that we are committed to an holistic education, an education that is challenging, supported and fun!

We believe that Education is a partnership between pupils, staff and parents. Effective communication, openness and accountability are key elements of a successful school and we are proud to say, key elements of Smart Vision School.